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IDQ Webinars: with Tom Kunz, Data Manager Downstream, Shell Oil


Managing Master Data as a Process


While many companies understand and practice process-based management, when it comes to master data it is more generally thought of only as an important component of the processes being managed.  What happens if we step back and ask ourselves what would be the result if we started to manage master data itself as a process?  This webinar will look at how Shell is managing master data as a process and the benefits as well as some of the potential downsides of doing so.

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About the Author

Tom Kunz's photo

Tom is a 32+ year Shell finance professional who accepted a job with Shell’s global master data organization in 2009. Working as the Data Manager for Shell’s Downstream businesses, he brought his business and finance knowledge to the base of a huge learning curve about data. Responsible for managing Downstream’s customer, product, property and facilities/equipment data processes, his team of approximately 250 data professionals are busy bringing bottom-line improvements to Royal Dutch Shell.

Tom has a degree in business management from Brigham Young University and has been involved with continuous education over the last 30 years including post graduate courses at the University of Houston and Management Education courses at Wharton.  He is also recognized as a Virtual Teamwork expert both inside and outside of Shell, having been featured in several magazine articles including the Harvard Business Review for his practical approaches to virtual work, which he uses daily.