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IDQ Webinars: with Walid el Abed, president of Global Data Excellence


Govern the value and impact of Data on Business operations


Most organizations are struggling to build data quality initiatives and completely failing to maintain the momentum to achieve sustainable process improvement or the promised business value from data quality / data governance investments.

Many organizations have little or no understanding of the roles or processes needed to sustain high quality data to fulfill the goals of a data governance process.

The objective of this session is to present a unifying methodology and system to support sustainable DQ and MDM initiatives – with the end goal of implementing data governance processes within the business, the data management team and IT.

Business manager, Data manager, IT manager

Three mandatory forces required to deliver sustainable business excellence by maximizing the value of enterprise data as a real asset.

At the end of the session you will learn about the three steps methodology and system to deliver tangible business value faster based on identifying and fixing the most critical business transactions impacted by poor data quality:

  • Align & Link Business , Data Management and IT objectives this approach puts the business transaction at the center of data quality and data governance
  • Measure & Visualize the value and Impact of Data on business operations - Prioritize the fixing of poor data quality based on key value indicators and data quality indexes linked together through business excellence requirements.
  • Organize & Execute Sustainable Data Governance based on a proven Data Excellence Framework methodology - Delivers a sustainable data quality culture by focusing on business value generation.

Director of Data Management, Fortune 1000 Company :

“The execution of the framework delivers tangible business value faster, facilitates collaboration between the business, the data management team and IT - aligning all parties with a long-term sustainable business excellence vision. Whereas traditional data governance approaches focus on governing the master data - which is often not compelling enough for the business to sign up to - this approach puts the business transaction at the center of data quality and data governance.”




About the Author

Walid el Abed

Dr. Walid el Abed Founder and CEO of Global Data Excellence (born September 20, 1968), who has a doctorate in Linguistics and Computer Science, is known for the proposition of a new model called the Semantic Meta Model (SMM) (Meta Modèle Sémantique – MMS). He is also a researcher at the Tesnière Centre specialized in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing at the University of Franche-Comté .

Walid el Abed's research interests and expertise are in the fields of artificial intelligence, data science, data value, governance and business excellence. He is also the inventor of a new discipline “Data Excellence” with a holistic framework embedded into a software system with the vision to elevate data to excellence empowering a data-driven society governed by value for perpetual excellence.

Since 2000, Walid el Abed has introduced and taught the Data Excellence discipline at the Tesnière Centre specialised in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing at the University of  Franche-Comté and also at the CNAM (Centre National des Arts et Métiers) and Paris Dauphine University, and finally at the Fribourg University of Law as a philosophical, economical, political and organizational model.

Walid el Abed has given lectures at several data conferences. He is a co-founder and member of the French association EXQI (Excellence, Quality, Information) that groups several scientists around the Data Excellence discipline. He is also one of the scientists involved in the creation of the IQCP (Information Quality Certified Professional) certification established by the IAIDQ (Information Association for Information and Data Quality).  Dr Walid el Abed is the founder of the Scientific Society PEC “Perpetual Excellence Community”; a Swiss non-profit organization, based in Geneva.

In 2015 The Data Excellence Management System has been qualified as "an alternative future" by a Gartner analyst.

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About the Author

Robin Rappaport's photo

Robin Rappaport is the Data Quality Team Leader responsible for delivery of the Data Quality Initiative for Research Databases at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Her work and that of her team contributed to the IRS being awarded a Computerworld Honor and a Government Computer News (GCN) Gala Award. She has over 25 years of experience as a Data Quality practitioner. Her undergraduate degree was in Economics with Computer Science. Her graduate work was in Operations Research with a concentration in Mathematical Modeling in Information Systems. She has worked in both private (6 years) and public sectors (since June 1990). Her positions include Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, and Operations Research Analyst.

In addition to IQ International, the International Association for Information & Data Quality, she is a member of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science (INFORMS). She was Chairman, Individual Membership for the Washington, D.C. chapter from 1987- 1990. She was elected Secretary and served from 1990 - 1991.

Contact Robin by email at robin [dot] rappaport [AT] iaidq [dot] org

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