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IDQ Webinars: with Larry English, president of Information Impact International Inc.


Grounding Information Quality Management In Proven Quality Management Principles


If we are to develop sustainable Information Quality Management practices in organizations, we must ground IQ Management principles, processes and techniques in the proven Quality Management Systems applied to manufacturing quality.

Information Quality Management is an extension of Quality Management—not data management.  The techniques for identifying information defect root cause, error-proofing information processes, identifying knowledge worker Information Quality Requirements, controlling Information Process Quality come from Quality Management—not data management.  Information Quality Management applies the same Principles and Processes defined by Deming, Juran, Crosby, Imai (Kaizen), Taguchi, Shewhart, Ishikawa, the Baldrige Criteria and Six Sigma, to learn the foundations for effective Information (not Data) Quality Management.

You Learn:

  • What Information Quality Management is and is NOT:  Seven Deadly Misconceptions
  • The Absolutes of Quality Management
  • Proven Processes of Quality Management
  • Proven Quality Management Techniques Applied to Information Quality
  • How Manufacturing Quality Management Principles Apply to Intangible Information Production Processes.




About the Author

Larry English's photo

Larry P. English, Co-Founder of the IAIDQ, was President and Principal of INFORMATION IMPACT International, Inc., Brentwood, TN., and author of Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality, called “the Information Quality Bible for the Information Age,” by Masaaki Imai, the creator of the Kaizen quality system of continuous process improvement. English's new book, Information Quality Applied: Best Practices for Information, Processes and Systems, has received rave reviews from readers.

A highly rated keynote speaker, Mr English has traveled the world, racking up more that 7 million miles, giving more than 500 keynote or featured presentations on the impact of the Information Age to groups ranging from Fortune 500 Executives to academic groups such as MIT's IQ Industry Symposium and Fordham University's Deming MBA Scholars Program directed by Dr Joyce Orsini, who calls Mr English the most authoritative interpreter of Deming's Management Theory to Information Quality.

Mr English retired in 2013.