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IDQ Webinars: Building the Business Case for Information Quality and Data Governance
Recorded: 2009-12-09


Establishing Financial Credibility — Building the Business Case and Calculating Return on Investment for Your Proposed Information Quality or Data Governance Programme.


Effective information quality or data governance depends on senior management sponsorship to ensure leadership, funding and a top-down approach. Most organisations do not part with precious cash without clear justification on financial grounds, including an estimate of the Return On Investment (ROI).

If you are trying to get your programme off the ground, you will, no doubt, be tasked with building the business case for this endeavour. This may be a daunting experience as it always includes a section on benefits versus costs and expected ROI.

Once the business case has been created and funding is received, it is often the case that the ROI promised in the business case is never actually calculated and published. This oversight occurs because the funding was given and the work completed. You may think, “What more can be gained?”. Your credibility will be immensely enhanced by following through and calculating that ROI.

Any good information management programme should intend to go on forever but your senior management will always be reviewing budgets to ensure the right programmes continue to get funding. When other programmes in your organisation are being cut, yours can continue when you have proven its financial viability.

IDQ Webinars takes on these challenges by providing a pragmatic, step-by-step training in building a successful business case and then providing advice on calculating and publishing ROI as part of your on-going measures.




Kathy HunterKathy Hunter, has over twenty years information systems experience and, twelve years ago attended training in Information Quality Improvements. Soon after, she instituted an enterprise Information Quality Division at T-Mobile (previously One2One). In their first three months they managed to recover £10 million in lost annual earnings, thus providing a quick 800% return on investment against the team’s two year budget and that was only the beginning.

Since then she has been building expertise in information management. From information quality and data governance through to providing global data solutions and guidance to some of the biggest countries in the world, she has attained a reputation for successful delivery in information management for her clients - some of the largest companies in the world.

A popular speaker at events, Ms. Hunter is known for her pragmatic approach to topics, providing helpful hints and practical examples in order to solve tough problems.


Tony O'Brien Tony O'Brien is a Finance Manager within Remploy, the largest provider of employment opportunities with the UK. He has over thirty-five years experience within the fields of Finance and IS and has been involved in the implementation and development of a number of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. He is currently in the final year of a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree at Nottingham Trent University, focussing upon data quality within planning and information systems, with particular regard to organisations employing disabled people.