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IDQ Webinars: World Quality Day 2009
Recorded 2009-11-11


Stories are often more powerful triggers for action than information overload or “Death by Power Point”. Something about a good story acts as a springboard that calls people to action. This World Quality Day the Directors of the IAIDQ invite you to share their stories of success and the value of quality information. Hopefully you might share some of your own, so we can create some springboards to drive the profession and the Association forward in 2010.

Thank you to the dozens of people who joined us to celebrate World Quality Day.

Members of the IAIDQ Board shared some stories, and Jim Harris made great use of the link up we had with Twitter to share some other resources in the Liveblog we ran in parallel.

As we look towards 2014 there is a clear need for a mature profession that tackles information quality challenges with a strong focus on the customer ("the person who you should have in your mind when taking or not taking any action" as the lawyers might put it), based on clear and proven approaches (and it is worth noting that Larry English, Rich Wang and Tom Redman have all been heavily influenced by "traditional" quality gurus like Deming and Juran), and clearly communicating delivered value as we get our early wins.

The landscape in 2014 will be different. Topics which were raised today in the discussion included:

  • The role of Quality Information in ensuring successful BPM change management (Christian Walenta)
  • The importance of having a clear framework that puts the value on data from the customer perspective and clearly communicates successes and monetary value of poor quality information.(Altug Gurer)
  • The critical role that quality information plays in managing natural resources, and the critical role that "seeing through the eye of the customer" plays in ensuring quality goals are aligned with what is actually needed.(Grant Robinson)
  • The potential for liability for poor quality information is increasingly less theoretical as law (and lawyers) evolve in the Information Age, just as they had to evolve to meet the challenge of the Manufacturing Age.(Daragh O Brien)
  • The similarities between the birth of the Automobile and the emergence of "Information as a Product" and what that means for how we need to define the idea of "Data for the Multitude" in a variety of industries by 2014. (Laura Sebastian-Coleman)
  • The important role Information Quality will play in developing economies and in ensuring security and access to services in a world of over 8 billion people by 2014.(Piyush Malik)

The Chat around the event also touched on questions of Data Privacy and some resources relating to that topic and how it relates to Information Quality are provided in the Liveblog stream.



ChristianChristian Walenta, IAIDQ President, is a recognized leader in Information Management (IM) at IBM and currently acts in a Senior Advisor role to the Enterprise Business Information organization. He was recognized 2006 for his achievements in Information Management with an Outstanding Innovation Award from IBM.

IvanIvan Schotsman, IAIDQ Director of Event Services, is a subject matter expert in business intelligence and information quality working on international projects since 1997. He currently runs, a Business Intelligence community specialized in organizing BI trainings and events for several global organizations (TDWI, IIBA). Currently he is leading IAIDQ's Seminar Program in Europe.

PiyushPiyush Malik, IAIDQ Director of Partner Relations, is an Associate Partner with IBM Global Business Services and serves as the Global Delivery Leader for Business Intelligence & Business Performance Management solutions for Americas. He is the Competency Leader for Information Integrity at IBM.

LauraLaura Sebastian-Coleman, IAIDQ Director of Member Services, is a data quality manager at Ingenix, a business unit of UnitedHealth Group. She is responsible for a program of data quality measurement, analysis and reporting for health analytic applications.

AltugAltug Gurer, IAIDQ Director of Information Services, is an accomplished business professional with over 25 years (domestic/international) as a high performer including Journalism, Export Management Company owner, Sales and Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Software Development, Program and Project Management, Change Management, Training, Production Support and Process Improvement.

DaraghDaragh O Brien, IAIDQ Director of Publicity, is the Taoiseach (Chief Executive) of Castlebridge Associates, an Information Quality Consulting and Mentoring practice based in Wexford, Ireland.  He is a Charter Member of the IAIDQ, a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society, and has served on the IAIDQ’s Board of Directors since 2005.



Tony O'Brien Tony O'Brien is a Finance Manager within Remploy, the largest provider of employment opportunities with the UK. He has over thirty-five years experience within the fields of Finance and IS and has been involved in the implementation and development of a number of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. He is currently in the final year of a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree at Nottingham Trent University, focussing upon data quality within planning and information systems, with particular regard to organisations employing disabled people.