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IAIDQ Co founders' Panel
Recorded: 2009-09-23


The Future of Information/Data Quality: an Expert Panel with Speakers Larry English and Tom Redman


As we mark the 5th Anniversary of IAIDQ, we are honored to host IQ/DQ pioneers and IAIDQ co-founders Larry English and Tom Redman, for a very special IDQ Webinars webinar. Building from a similar discussion they held at the 2006 IAIDQ Conference in San Francisco, both gentlemen will again share their views on the current and future state of information/data quality. Listen to two of the profession’s foremost minds, and join IAIDQ members celebrating our 5th Anniversary.

Topics include:

  • The Information/Data Quality profession: the road travelled and the journey ahead in the next 5 to 10 years;
  • State of Data Quality: past, present and future, challenges and opportunities;
  • An extensive Q&A segment.



Larry English

Larry P. English, is President and Principal, Information Impact. Mr. English is an internationally recognized speaker, educator, author and consultant in knowledge management and information quality improvement. He also provides consulting and education in information stewardship, strategic information visioning, information technology evaluation, information resource management and data administration, data modeling and facilitation, and value-centric application development methods. Mr. English has developed the Total Information Quality Management (TIQM®) methodology applying Kaizen® quality principles to information quality management. He chairs Information Quality Conferences around the world. He conceived of and co-founded the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ).

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Tom Redman

Dr Thomas C. Redman, “the Data Doc,” is President of Navesink Consulting Group, based in Little Silver, NJ. Dr. Redman was the first to extend quality principles to data and information. He has helped hundreds of organizations understand the importance of data, start their data programs, make order-of-magnitude improvements to data quality and, by doing so, lower costs, increase revenues, improve customer satisfaction, and more make more confident planning decisions. His fourth book, Data Driven: Profiting from Your Most Important Business Asset (Harvard Business Press) is a Library Journal Best Business Book of 2008. Tom is an internationally known lecturer and the author of dozens of papers. He holds two patents and is an IAIDQ co-founder.

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