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IDQ Webinars: Data protection and data quality
Recorded: 2009-04-22


Mind Your P and Q — the basic rules for best practices in Data Protection and Data Quality


Data protection

Most domestic Data Protection legislation is derived from the high-minded and universally-held principle that our personal privacy is valuable and worth protecting. Data Controllers, the organizations responsible for the acquisition, processing and storage of personal data, work under a dual mandate, based on social responsibility and commercial obligation. They must adhere to the regulations regarding the protection of personal data, while ensuring that the data remains sound and reliable, accurate and relevant, while in their care.

This presentation will align the basic rules of Data Protection with the core principles of Data Quality, to show that they are mutually compatible and beneficial, not contradictory. By establishing a data management policy based on these foundations, Data Controllers can meet both their social and commercial obligations to ensure that any strategic business decision derived from that Data is sound , reliable and likely to succeed



Hugh Jones ICSHugh Jones is an associate of the Irish Computer Society (ICS), working to enhance their Data Protection (DP) training product, and to deliver sector-specific consultancy in Data Protection and Management. Hugh is a PMI-qualified Project and Program manager, working in the international IT, Financial Services and Banking sectors for the last 15 years. With this background in IT, product and process development, he has a solid appreciation of the technical, commercial and compliance implications of the DP legislation.