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IDQ Webinars: Healthcare Special
Recorded: 2009-03-11


Data Quality in the HealthCare Industry:Issues and opportunities


Our international panel of Healthcare data experts and Ask-The Expert hosts Piyush Malik and Tony O'Brien presented about industry specific challenges as well as data issues and quality opportunities pertinent to management of health and medical records, regulatory and privacy introduced data issues in Healthcare Industry and how they can be overcome.



Heather RichardsHeather Richards is a special studies program lead at the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).
Her special studies incorporate reabstraction methodologies, inter-rater reliability assessments, questionnaires, and analysis of coverage.

Ann ChapmanAnn Chapman is the manager of the Data Quality Department at CIHI and is responsible for implementing CIHI's data quality program.
CIHI's Data Quality Framework is one of many products that have received great attention from the international community.

Karen PriceKaren Price is Head of Quality & Clinical Assurance at a large Primary Care Trust in the north of England.
She has a clinical background, but since 2001, she has focused her work on governance and clinical effectiveness. This included positions as clinical governance & effectiveness manager, and Head of Information Governance.