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IDQ Webinars: with David Loshin 2008-12-05


Master Data Management


David will cover selected highlights from his new book, and discuss:

  • Is MDM a reality today or still hyped?
  • What makes a Master Data Management initiative successful ?
  • Why is MDM relevant more today than ever?
  • What do MDM and Data Quality have in common?
  • and more.

Pre-reading for Webinar:

Master Data Management chapter 2 [PDF]



David Loshin

David Loshin is the president of Knowledge Integrity, Inc. (, a consulting and development company focusing on customized information management solutions, including information quality solutions consulting, information quality training and business intelligence solutions.

Loshin is the author of Enterprise Knowledge Management - The Data Quality Approach (Morgan Kaufmann, 2001), Business Intelligence - The Savvy Manager's Guide (Morgan Kaufmann 2003) and Master Data Management (Morgan Kaufmann 2008). David is a frequent speaker on maximizing the value of information.

Email to loshin [AT] knowledge-integrity [dot] com