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IDQ Webinars 2008-07-23

Guest speaker:

Daragh O Brien

Daragh O Brien -
Vice President Publicity and Recruitment, IAIDQ

Senior Project Manager at eircom, the leading telco in the Irish Republic


Daragh O Brien is a Senior Project Manager with eircom, the leading telco in the Irish Republic. He has over 9 years experience in Information Management and Project Management, and has direct experience with the problems poor IQ creates in large and small organisations, and the benefits that can be achieved from tackling these problems in a structured manner.

A regular conference speaker at events in Ireland, the UK, and internationally, Daragh is also the Convenor of the IQ Network, which is run in collaboration with the Irish Computer Society (the ICT professional body for Ireland) and a CoP of the IAIDQ.
Daragh will be speaking at the 2008 IDQ Conference in September 2008 at San Antonio, Texas.

Session facilitators: Tony O'Brien and Piyush Malik


Perspectives on Information Quality - how reframing the discussion can re-energise your IQ Strategy

A presentation and Q&A session

Session Abstract:

The objective of the session is to explore the challenges of defining and executing your IQ 'Agenda' in an increasingly challenging environment, as well as ensuring that you hold (if not build on ) your gains to increase the maturity of your organisation.

Topics to be reviewed include:

  • Rethinking the drivers for poor IQ
  • Making our mission their idea - the importance of language and framing
  • The 'Common Core' - fundamental principles you need to live to for sustainable IQ improvement.
  • Finding the lever for Change in your organisation - (aka listening for the dialects)
  • The 'Long Tail of Risk'.

Recommended pre-reading would include the following articles from the IAIDQ newsletter (in reverse order):

Industry report Defining and Implementing and Effective Data Quality Strategy: