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IDQ Webinar 2008-05-28

Date and Time:

Time zone Meeting start time
San Francisco (USA Pacific Summer Time) 09:00 am Wed 28 May 2008
Atlanta (USA Eastern Time) 12:00 noon Wed 28 May 2008
London (UK), Dublin (Ireland) 17:00 Wed 28 May 2008
New Delhi 21:30 Wed 28 May 2008
Other time zones (time and
Meeting duration: 60 minutes

Guest speaker:

Larry English

Larry P. English -
President and Principal, Information Impact

Write to Larry.English AT

Mr. English is an internationally recognized speaker, educator, author and consultant in knowledge management and information quality improvement. He also provides consulting and education in information stewardship, strategic information visioning, information technology evaluation, information resource management and data administration, data modeling and facilitation, and value-centric application development methods. Mr. English has developed the Total Information Quality Management (TIQM®) methodology applying Kaizen® quality principles to information quality management. He chairs Information Quality Conferences around the world. He conceived of and co-founded the International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ).

Session facilitators: Tony O'brien and Piyush Malik


Grounding IQ management practices in sound quality management systems

A presentation and Q&A session

Session Abstract:

If we are to develop sustainable Information Quality Management practices in organizations, we must ground the IQ Management principles, processes and techniques in the proven Quality Management Systems proven by implementation in the Industrial Age. The reason, Information Quality Management is an extension of Quality Management—not data management. The techniques for identifying information defect root cause, error-proofing information processes, identifying knowledge worker quality requirements, controlling information processes come from Quality Management—not data management. Therefore we must study Deming, Juran, Crosby, Imai (Kaizen), Taguchi, Shewhart, Ishikawa, the Baldrige Criteria, and ISO 9000-2000 to learn the foundations for Information Quality Management.

Background paper [PDF]