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September 2007 meeting

Date and Time:

Time zone Meeting start time
Los Angeles (USA Pacific Time) 08:00 am Fri 7 September 2007
New-York City (USA Eastern Time) 11:00 am Fri 7 September 2007
London (UK), Dublin (Ireland) 16:00 Fri 7 September 2007
UTC 15:00 Fri 7 September 2007
Frankfurt (Western Europe) 17:00 Fri 7 September 2007
Manila Philippines 23:00 Fri 7 September 2007
Sydney Australia 01:00 Sat 8 September 2007
Other time zones (time and
Meeting duration: 60 minutes

The IAIDQ book club is pleased to announce a special program for our next meeting.

“IDQ Webinar” Teleconference with Arkady Maydanchik September 7, 2007 , 11:00 am New York City Time

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Arkady Maydanchik will be our distinguished guest for the September "IDQ Webinar" teleconference for IAIDQ members and their colleagues. The event takes place on Friday September 7, 11:00am New-York City time.

We will not discuss a book or article, but will have a lively conversation, focused on providing answers to your questions. The primary theme for this session is "Data Quality Rules and Data Quality Assessment".  Arkady will first share some insights about these current and important topics, then we will open the session to questions from participants.  This promises to be another stimulating and exciting forum!

The session will run 1 hour beginning at 11am New York time, 4pm London time, 11pm Manila time.  For different time zones please see Meeting Time in Other Zones at:


Arkady Maydanchik is a recognized practitioner, author, and educator in the field of data quality and information integration. Arkady wrote numerous articles and authored the book "Data Quality Assessment for Practitioners", available through the IAIDQ web site.  He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and teaches his "Practical Skills for Data Quality" courses on-site.  Arkady is a speaker at the upcoming Information and Data Quality conference in Las Vegas ( Sept 24-27, 2007 ).  He also contributed an article in the July 2007 IAIDQ Newsletter.