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June 2007 meeting

Date and Time:

Time zone Meeting start time
Los Angeles (USA Pacific Time) 08:00 am Fri 22 June 2007
New-York City (USA Eastern Time) 11:00 am Fri 22 June 2007
London (UK), Dublin (Ireland) 16:00 Fri 22 June 2007
UTC 15:00 Fri 22 June 2007
Frankfurt (Western Europe) 17:00 Fri 22 June 2007
Manila Philippines 23:00 Fri 22 June 2007
Sydney Australia 01:00 Sat 23 June 2007
Other time zones (time and
Meeting duration: 60 minutes

The IAIDQ book club is pleased to announce a special program for our June 22 meeting.

“IDQ Webinar” Session with Larry English and
Special Drawing for a Free Book

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Larry English will be our distinguished guest for the June “IDQ Webinar” teleconference for IAIDQ members. The event takes place on Friday June 22nd, 11:00am New-York City Time.

We will not discuss a book or article, but will have a lively conversation, focused on providing answers to your questions about Information Quality. The primary theme for this session is “Establishing and Sustaining a Truly Effective IQ Environment”.

Larry will first share some insights about this current and important topic, then we will open the session to questions from participants. This promises to be a lively and exciting forum!

The session will run 1 hour beginning at 11am New York time, 4pm London time, 11pm Manila time. (audio conference details below)

Please see Larry's Focus, Challenges, Success is Possible and Procedure as well as his biography:

Theme: Establishing and Sustaining a Truly Effective IQ Environment

FOCUS: The goal of this session is to answer your questions on how to establish and grow a sound Information Quality practice within your enterprise that will truly solve real business quality problems that creates positive and measurable ROI to the business.

CHALLENGES: There are a lot of misconceptions about what IQ/DQ is that are causing many DQ implementations to fail.

  • There are those who would tell you that all you have to do is measure data quality and report back to the process owners and that will solve your problems. BUT, IQ is not just INSPECTION
  • There are those who would tell you all you need to do is measure and then correct the data, and that will solve your problems. But IQ is not “INSPECT and CORRECT.” This merely automates the “information scrap and rework” without ever considering the root cause, let alone improving and error-proofing the defective process that is creating the defective data.

SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE: Our experience is, however, that when IQ Professionals implement sound, proven quality management principles, processes and techniques to information, they will solve their real business problems with a positive ROI.

My personal goal, as the Conceiver and Co-Founder of IAIDQ is that this be a place where members can learn about sound quality management practices from quality leaders such as Deming, Juran, Imai (Kaizen), Crosby, and to share best practices and experiences in applying sound quality practices to information to enable our organizations to achieve business performance excellence that will usher in the “realized” Information Age.


This is a no-holds barred Q&A session.

  1. Please email your questions to Don Carlson ( ) and Larry English () by June 15, 2007
  2. Two “IDQ Webinar” attendees will receive a free, autographed copy of Larry's forthcoming book, “Information Quality Applied: Best Practices for Improving Business Information, Processes and Systems,” due in 2008, in a random drawing overseen by Don Carlson.


About Larry English

Larry P. English, president and principal of INFORMATION IMPACT International, Inc., is an internationally recognized thought leader, consultant, speaker, and author in Information Quality Management. He has provided consulting and education in more than 30 countries on five continents. Mr. English is the Father of TIQM®, an IQ management methodology that applies quality principles from Deming's System of Profound Knowledge, Masaaki Imai's Kaizen (continuous process improvement) system, Philip Crosby's Quality is Free and Zero Defects to information quality management. English's highly acclaimed book, Improving Data Warehouse and Business Information Quality is called the “Information Quality Bible for the Information Age” by Masaaki Imai, and has been translated into Japanese by the first information services organization to win the Deming Prize for Quality. He was featured as one of the “21 Voices for the 21st Century” in Quality Progress , the journal of the American Society for Quality. Dr. Martin Eppler, Univ. of Lugano and author of Managing Information Quality calls Mr. English “The thought leader in the IQ/DQ [Information Quality / Data Quality] field.” English's new book, Information Quality Applied, is due out in 2008.