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March 2007 meeting


Staffing the Information Quality Function

Articles or Books Selected:

The Body Has a Heart and Soul: Roles and Responsibilities of the Chief Data Officer

By: Thomas C. Redman, Ph. D, Navesink Consulting Group, Little Silver, NJ

Pursuing A Career In IQ The Job DQ Analyst by Elizabeth Pierce [PDF]

By: Elizabeth M. Pierce, Indian University of Pennsylvania

Job Descriptions from The IAIDQ Website

Reading guide:

Redman's article

  1. Does your organization have a Chief Data Officer (CDO) or equivalent?  Is that person in IT or in the business?
  2. How does that person's role compare to what Redman describes?

Pierce's paper

  1. In defining roles and an org chart for your IQ function, how can you use the insights derived from the classification of IQ skills into the following three buckets: technical, adaptive, and interpretative (Table 1)?
  2. To what extent are Pierce's DQA responsibilities in Table 2 consistent with those in your organization?
  3. How about the skills in Table 4?


  1. How many different IQ job types do you have in your organization?  What are they?
  2. Do you typically fill your IQ vacancies from within or through hiring externally?
  3. What is the most important IQ staffing issue your organization currently face?