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February 2007 meeting

Date and Time:

Time zone Meeting start time
Wellington NZ 04:00 Wed 14 February 2007
Sydney Australia 02:00 Wed 14 February 2007
Manila Philippines 23:00 Tue 13 February 2007
Mumbai India 20:30 Tue 13 February 2007
Western Europe 16:00 Tue 13 February 2007
UK - Ireland 15:00 Tue 13 February 2007
UTC 15:00 Tue 13 February 2007
USA East Coast 10:00 Tue 13 February 2007
USA West Coast 07:00 Tue 13 February 2007
Other time zones (time and
Meeting duration: 60 minutes


Articles or Books Selected:

Data Quality: Five Strategic Practices for Compliance

by Cass Brewer

Dissociative Disorder: Compliance and Data Quality

by Cass Brewer

CDI: Harnessing the Value of Enterprise Data, Part 5: Compliance: Data Quality and Beyond

By R. Jeffrey Canter

Reading guide:

Discussion topics include

  • What legal or regulatory compliance requirements impact your organization?
  • Are the regulations increasing?
  • Is your data quality program linked to compliance? How? Has it helped?
  • Are there regulatory fines? How big?
  • What role has audit played?
  • What are the 5 strategic practices for compliance and data quality?

Phone Numbers to call:

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