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September 2006 meeting

Articles or Books Selected:

Economic Framework of Data Quality and the Value Proposition

We will be discussing chapter 4 from Enterprise Knowledge Management:  The Data Quality Approach by David Loshin, published by Morgan Kaufmann, © 2001, ISBN:  0-12-455840-2

This is the third month we are reading selected chapters from his book.

Getting IQ on the Map

This is article #3 in the IQ in the Language of Business series by Daragh O Brien. It shows another aspect of the value of information quality by demonstrating how we can convince our senior managers to add Information Quality to our organization's Strategy Map. You can find the article in IAIDQ's Information and Data Quality Newsletter, Vol. 2 Issue 3 July 2006: click here

(This is in the members only section of the IAIDQ website and requires your member password for access.)

Strategy Execution:  Mapping the Path to the Future

Daragh references this article in his writing and it will also be part of the reading for September.

Column published in DM Review Magazine, May 2006 Issue, By George Veth at:

If you are not familiar with the concept of strategy maps or are just interested in more information, you might benefit from exploring the following link about Kaplan and Norton's Strategy Maps. However, this is not a part of the assigned reading for the book club. )

September meeting report:

Our September Book Club discussion included business value of strategy maps, information chains, and economic impacts for data quality improvement programs and data quality scorecards

The following bullets highlight a few of the discussion points:

  • Strategy Maps help connect to top management and provide visibility
  • Revenue goals are a good place to link the DQ program to
  • It is easier to get funding when the DQ initiative is aligned strategically
  • The strategy map can raise awareness about the IQ program to a high level in the organization or drive it from the top down
  • Where's the role clarity? DQ programs require clear custodial role? We suggested roles show up at a lower level but are clearly critical
  • Strategy maps Used in conjunction with business drivers can help create ROI for the IQ program which is what the executives want
  • The information chain is a good way to organize the DQ work items
  • Data Quality Scorecard examples discussed included:
    • Cover key subject areas. Metrics for each subject
    • Focus on the “points of pain”
    • Measure improved sales targets (this participant was able to tie the DQ program to the sales targets, Nice!)
    • Improved Compliance (Anti-money laundering and Sarbanes Oxley were discussed … compliance is driving some of the data quality improvement projects)

Reading guide:

See the September 2006 Reading Guide (IAIDQ members only)