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Frequently Asked Questions about Certification

Is this certification aimed at IT or Business (e.g. non-IT) people?

Both — it is aimed at professionals of all disciplines. Anyone engaged in improving data or information quality will benefit from the certification, regardless of their work function or discipline.

Is this certification aimed at staffers/individual contributors or managers?

Both — in order to provide high quality information in an organization, both individual contributors and their managers need to have a skilled knowledge in IQ practice.

Can IQ Consultants be certified?

Yes — consultants who have gained the requisite experience can benefit greatly from certification as this will enhance the quality of the services they offer to their clients.

How do I attain certification?

By meeting three certification criteria:
a) completing the IQCP exam,
b) general education and professional experience, and
c) signing the IQ International Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

How are pre-requisite criteria validated?

During the application process, applicants provide information about their work experience and education to show how they satisfy the eligibility criteria. A sample of applications will be audited. If selected for the audit, candidates or IQCP recipients are responsible for providing the documentation necessary to verify any of the statements they made in their application.

Are there any discounts available?

IQ International members receive a discount. Non-members are encouraged to join IQ International to benefit from the discount. See Application page.

Do I have to be a member of the IQ International to achieve certification?

No. However, we hope you consider joining to enjoy the many benefits of membership, including discounts for the certification fees and for events worldwide.

What is the CPD Log?

The Continuing Professional Development Log records evidence of your ongoing professional development. It is a key aspect to maintaining your certification.

When am I supposed to start adding activities to the CPD Log?

You should start recording your CPD Activities as soon as you have earned your IQCP credential. Log entries should be completed continuously and after each activity.

How do I know if a particular activity will be approved?

To be approved, all Conferences, Courses, Memberships, Publications, Mentoring Activities, and Employment, must be Information Quality (IQ) related. “IQ-related” means related to the Domains, Tasks, Knowledge and Skills in the IQ International Body of Knowledge. Proof that activities are IQ-related must be retained in case you are audited. Items used to show proof of focus are listed for each Category in this Journal. If you are unsure if a particular activity is IQ-related, check The Job of the Information/Data Quality Professional aka Job Analysis Report on the IQ International website. If you are still unsure, you can email iqcp [AT] iqint.org for clarification.

I started a college course during the year, but it won’t be completed until after my triennial review date. Can I still claim the credits for this current triennial review period?

No. In order to claim the credits, all CPD Activities must be COMPLETED during the current triennial review period, regardless of when they were started. If the activity is not completed until after your next triennial review Date, then credit for that activity cannot be claimed until your next triennial review period. Additionally, it is not necessary for an activity to be started during your triennial review period, just completed.

I am a technical trainer at my company. Can I claim credit for all the courses I teach at work?

No. Courses taught as part of your normal day-to-day job duties are given credit as part of your Employment credit in Category 12. Credit for courses taught above and beyond your normal job duties, such as teaching a tutorial at a conference, is given in Category 9.

How do I record activity that started before my current triennial review period?

Activities that started before your Certification Date or current triennial review period can still earn credit as long as the completion date falls within your current triennial review Period. For activities where you can claim credit on a monthly basis, only record months that fall within your current triennial review period. For example, if you started volunteering with IQ International in January of last year, but earned your IQCP credential in June of last year, then you would record your volunteering activities as of June.

I currently volunteer with IQ International in two separate volunteer roles. Can I claim credit for both?

Yes. As long as each volunteer role is independent with separate titles and separate duties, each volunteer role can be claimed for credit, even if it with the same association.

I have earned more than the minimum 60 PDPs for this current triennial review period. Can I save the extra PDPs for the next current triennial review period?

No. It is through the completion of a minimum 60 PDPs every three years that you confirm your commitment to ongoing professional development in order to keep your skills current. To be eligible for credit, all activities must be IDQ-related and must be completed during the current triennial review period in which they are being claimed.

How long do I keep my supporting documentation and when do I submit it?

It is not necessary to submit the supporting documentation with your CPD Log. IQ International randomly conducts audits and will notify you if your supporting documentation is needed. You are required to retain all supporting documentation for at least three (3) years after your triennial review in the event you are audited.

How do I know what my annual and triennial review dates are?

Your annual and triennial review dates are shown on your IQCP Certificate. The next annual review date is shown as the IQCP Expiration Date on the Register of Certified Professionals. All activities must be completed during this three-year period. Activities completed before or after the three-year period will not be accepted. Your Certification Date is printed on the certificate sent to you by IQ International. If you cannot locate your Certification Date, you can contact IQ International  (iqcp [AT] iqint.org).

What is the deadline to submit my CPD Log?

You must submit your CPD Log prior to renewal of certification.

I have one year left until my next triennial review. I have only achieved the minimum 28 PDPs, but I haven’t completed any other CPD Activities yet. Is it possible to earn the remaining 32 PDPs in one year?

There is no requirement to complete more than 12 PDPs in any one year. You are simply required to complete a minimum of 60 PDPs within the three-year triennial review period. With that said, it may be difficult to complete all, or even most of your PDPs within a single year, so we recommend that you start participating in activities and documenting your PDPs as soon as you are certified. If you feel that you may not earn enough PDPs, contact IQ International  (iqcp [AT] iqint.org) to find out how you can earn volunteer credit.

Can I submit my CPD log online?

No, the CPD Log must be completed in Microsoft Excel format and emailed to iqcp.cpdreview [AT] iqint.org.

I was not able to submit my Journal by the triennial review date. What are my options?

If you have extenuating circumstances it is possible to submit an appeal to have your CPD Log accepted. Please note that all PDPs must still have been completed during the three-year triennial review Period. If you would like to submit an appeal, contact IQ International  (iqcp [AT] iqint.org) to find out more about the appeal process. If you do not appeal or if an appeal is not granted, then you will need to re-apply for new certification in order to maintain your IQCP credential.

Does my next triennial review Period begin when I submit my CPD Log?

No. Your triennial review Period will always coincide with the date you first became certified. Therefore, your CPD Log will always be required every three years on the same date as your original certification – this is your Certification Renewal Date and listed on the Register of Certified Professionals.

How long will my certification last?

After assessing your application, you are qualified to hold the IQCP credential for 12 months. After each 12 month period, for your certification to be current you must:

  • pay the annual fee,
  • provide the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) log.
    • at the triennial review you must show 60 PDPs since the last triennial review.