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About the IQCP Exam

The IQCP Exam (3 hours) demonstrates knowledge of the six performance domains described in the Job Analysis Report.

(The exam is one of the eligibility requirements for the IQCP credential. You will find it helpful to review the IQCP eligibility form to prepare for the exam.)

The IQCP exam

Domain Name Percent of Questions
Certification Exam
Information Quality Strategy and Governance 17%
Information Quality Environment and Culture 13%
Information Quality Value and Business Impact 18%
Information Architecture Quality 11%
Information Quality Measurement and Improvement 20%
Sustaining Information Quality 21%

Exam process

  1. Complete an application for the exam.
  2. IQ International will invoice you for the exam.
  3. After payment is received, IQ International will ask you to submit your exam scheduling request. The exam date requested must be at least seven business days after your request. 
  4. IQ International sends you a confirmation notice with instructions about how to register for the Web-based test with the proctoring company named ProctorU.
    • Unless specified otherwise, the exams are Internet based and monitored by an online proctor (ProctorU). For additional information review the online proctor’s test taking process.
  5. On the exam date shown on your confirmation from the Web-based proctoring company ProctorU, follow the instructions provided to login and take the test. It is a computer-based exam. You will receive your results within two to three weeks of the date of your exam. (For a video of how it works check out ProctorU now.) 
  6. If you passed the Exam, congratulations! IQ International will send your Information Quality International Certificate.

Study Guide

The Study Guide groups the knowledge and skills identified in the IQ International Job Analysis Report into several categories, and provides study references for each.

Other resources

Free Sample Questions. The purpose of this document is to provide examples of questions similar to those on the IQ International Certificate test. The questions included in this document do not appear in the IQ International Certificate exam itself. As reflected in the Exam Blueprint included in the Job Analysis report, the IQ International Certificate exam covers abroad range of topics. This sample questions document makes no attempt to reflect the broad range of topics contained in the exam itself.

Rosetta Stone for Information Quality (RS4IQ).  For IQ International Certificate candidates for whom English is not the first language, this valuable glossary provides of a list of important IQ terms in English translated into several languages.  The list was developed as part of an effort led by the MIT IQ program to develop a common understanding for terminology related to the concepts and characteristics of Information Quality.

Work Experience. Draw from your information quality work experience. Practical experience is an important component of your preparation for the IQCP exam.