About IQ International

IQ International stands for Information Quality International — the International Association for Information and Data Quality. IQ International is a not-for-profit organization that promotes best practice in managing Information Quality. The association was previously known as IAIDQ.

About IQ International Members

IQ International members are the foundation of the Association and develop many of its products and services. They live across the globe and work in all business sector industries: healthcare, financial services, energy, retail, manufacturing, environment, academia, government, insurance, consulting, and many more. Members also include students in undergraduate and graduate programs.

IQ International members hold a wide range of positions in their organizations, individual contributors to high level executives. They conduct, lead, champion and participate in information and data quality improvement projects. They work in a range of disciplines. Many are members of specialized information and data quality teams.

Our Vision

By cultivating information excellence, IQ International will help transform organizations and society, improving the quality of life everywhere.

Our Mission

IQ International is advancing the quality of information around the world by building a community, supporting learning and sharing knowledge for the benefit of the profession and information consumers.

Our Goals

IQ International’s goals are to:

  • Build and maintain a body of knowledge and certification program for information and data quality.
  • Develop means for information and data quality practitioners to connect, learn and succeed.
  • Raise the profile and recognition of the information/data quality profession.


IQ International is managed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), implementing policy set by its Board of Directors. The CEO consults extensively with a panel of Advisors.